Olympic athletes dating app

Dating apps are booming in the Olympic village Page Six Sources tells us the best-looking profiles on dating app Bumble belong to swimmers Kevin Cordes, Olivia Smola, Jimmy Feen and Clark Smith, tennis star Denis Kudla, basketball player David Lee, water polo stud Alex Roelse, rugby player Martin Iosefo, volleyballer Maxwell Holt, track-and-fielders Chris Benard and Shelbi Vaughan, and 6-foot-8 rower Austin Hack. When hot Olympic atetes aren’t going for gold in Rio, they’re swiping away on dating apps.

These are the Olympic atetes using Tinder in Rio New York Post There are also plenty on Tinder, which has reported a 129 percent increase in matches in the Olympic Village. Olympian sexcapades are a widely celebrated tradition at the games — and it appears some atetes are turning to dating apps to get down to business in.

Apps An Instagram account, Sportswipe, claims to be tracking the Olympians’ dating profiles. Atetes are apparently hooking up inside the Olympic village too, ‘many of the atetes prefer to meet other atetes on dating apps because that's easier, and.

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