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Raleh Serial Numbers & Charts - Kurt

Raleh Serial Numbers & Charts - Kurt Some serial systems from one era may resemble that of an earlier or later era. The most complete vintage Raleh serial number chart 1948-1986 available to date.

<strong>Frame</strong> and Engine number page B4 -

Frame and Engine number page B4 - Please make a concerted effort to see that your serial(s) is/are an exact match - that is, the serial number system, serial placement, and font type are identical to that of your frame. Looking at the various lists available, it seems that there are gaps in the numbers known versus the numbers expected. One way to try to fill these.

<i>BSA</i> Motorcycles

BSA Motorcycles Otherwise, you mht accidentally misidentify your Raleh bicycle. BSA Motorcycles - Owners and clubs, parts resources, images, links to cal articles.

Glock Serial Number Research Project

Glock Serial Number Research Project Dor your sake and that of fellow collectors, please make 100% sure that your conclusions from this chart are correct. Any special information you may know, such as if it is a commemorative, police-marked, has the new-style box, is affected by the frame re, has Austrian proof.

Triumph Ter 90 - Information on the

Triumph Ter 90 - Information on the If your Raleh is equipped with a Sturmey-Archer rear hub that you suspect has not been been changed, check the date code on the hub's shell as well for additional verification. Many of the details for the 1957 T21 apply for the 1958 model. For 1958 there is a new frame with revised steering angle possibly 67 degrees and a new ‘Stressed.

Ariel Motorcycles!

Ariel Motorcycles! Please do not repost the serial charts below elsewhere. Ariel Motorcycles & Parts For Sale! To list Ariel related items email [email protected] ads will list your email address. If you want your phone number listed.

<strong>BSA</strong> Motor eBay

BSA Motor eBay I have put considerable effort into keeping these charts accurate, and - as stated before - not all of them are finalized. Find great deals on eBay for BSA Motor in Antique, Vintage, Historic. Shop with confidence.

<strong>BSA</strong> A75 ROCKET 3 1970 MATCHING ENGINE & <strong>FRAME</strong> NUMBERS. GREEN LOG.

BSA A75 ROCKET 3 1970 MATCHING ENGINE & FRAME NUMBERS. GREEN LOG. Therefore, I would prefer that the charts remain completely accessible for editing when necessary. ORINAL GREEN LOG BOOK, V5C REGISTRATION DOCUMENT AND BSA OWNERS CLUB DATING CERTIFICATE. a replica, Engine No 7102DC Frame No A50B 11229 orin.

<em>BSA</em> Engine & <em>Frame</em> number system

BSA Engine & Frame number system However, feel free to link to this page if you wish to make reference to the chart. BSA used a system of letters and numbers for yearly identification of their machines. Before you proceed be sure to read the introduction page.

Wholesale. New Carbon <em>Frame</em> B3 Bob Carbon Road <em>Frame</em> <em>Bsa</em> Includes.

Wholesale. New Carbon Frame B3 Bob Carbon Road Frame Bsa Includes. There isn't enough data to claim either option as absolute. New Carbon Frame B3 bob Carbon Road frame BSA includes Frame+Fork+SeatPost&clamp+Headset

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