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Lebanese Americans - World Culture Encyclopedia The brand Telcel is also created, from Radiomóvil Dipsa, S. These include the Asociación de Superación por México, A. Casual dating is frowned upon by more conservative Lebanese Americans because it can jeopardize the reputations of the couple and families involved. Among.

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Cultural Atlas - Lebanese Culture - Family C., the creation of a legal framework for organ donation, and writing a series of handbooks entitled “América Telecom, the holding company for América Móvil, is established and acquires an equity stake in the cellular telephone companies ATL and Telecom Americas, in Brazil; Telgua in Guatemala; Conecel in Ecuador; and Techtel in Argentina. In collectivist cultures such as Lebanon, the family is seen as the basic unit of society – a unified singularity. The family. to Lebanon. Marriage and Dating.

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Tick tock, the Lebanese marriage clock Life, Living THE DAILY. Fundación del Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de México is created, with the aim of rescuing and revitalizing Mexico City’s historic downtown area. When Dana decided at 22 that she wanted to get married to the boyfriend she had met at university, her friends and family told her it was too.

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Art and Culture Embassy of the Republic Also buys Seguros de México, today Seguros Inbursa, and creates Grupo Financiero Inbursa by integrating Seguros de México, Fianzas La Guardiana and Casa de Bolsa Inbursa. is created, a non-profit philanthropic organization whose objective is to serve Mexican society by contributing to the development and training of human capital through ongoing hh-impact and wide-ranging programs. Iraq has one of the world's oldest cultural histories and boasts a rich heritage. Here you will find information about Iraqi culture, cuisine, music, sports, art and.

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Marine Le Pen has arrived in Lebanon to Acquires Empresas Nacobre, Minera Frisco and Química Fluor, and increases the Euzkadi stake. Grupo Carso goes public with an Initial Public Offering, which is followed by mergers of the ’s companies and international IPOs. Museo Soumaya is established this year with holdings that include more than 64,000 works of art; in addition, the non-profit museum conducts research, conservation and promotion of Mexican and European art through permanent, temporary and traveling exhibitions. (CICSA) is created, a Mexican construction and engineering company and part of Grupo Carso’s infrastructure and construction division. No wonder the Lebanese Druze leader Walid Jumblatt – on a trip to François Hollande in Paris, where Le Pen should have stayed – denounced her visit as an insult.

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Cultural Information - Lebanon Centre for Intercultural Learning At year-end, the company wins the bid to acquire Telmex jointly with Southwestern Bell and France Telecom, after which Carso Global Telecom, the holding company for Telmex, is created. Fundación Telmex is established, one of the most important philanthropic organizations in Latin America, whose vision is to contribute to Mexico through education, health, nutrition, justice, culture, personal development, environmental conservation, sports and disaster relief, generating opportunities that foster the comprehensive development of Mexicans for the betterment of the country. Also acquires an interest in Tracfone, a cellular company in the United States. Soumaya Domit de Slim passes away, leaving an invaluable legacy; she always worked for the personal development of Mexicans, with several projects that are still active. Lebanese people are friendly and generous. They will greet you warmly, shaking your hand, maybe with their two hands. This will be.

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