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Awkward 3x10 Redefining Jenna Forever Young The girls apologize to each other and Tamara suggests that Jenna just man up and have the talk with Matty, rhtly guessing that he’s upset she told Jake about the pregnancy scare first. But before the talk happens, Ming has a confession to make when Fred Wu stops by the party: she’s been “Asian-Becca for months” and Henry is her beard! Jenna finally approaches Matty, determined to talk things out. It's been real. Ok, ok, I would say Matty, but he's an idiot for dating Jenna, who clearly doesn't deserve him. Because you know the Julies don't do shizz. "I don't want her to beat herself up for the rest of her life. She'll.

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List of Awkward characters - pedia At first, she suggests they break up so that he doesn’t say the same thing to her, but he has no intention of breaking things off with him. He admits he’s hurt she told Jake about the pregnancy scare first and he’s rather jealous she was better friends with Jake when they were dating than she is with him now. The following is a list of characters from the V comedy television series Awkward, which was. Jenna and Matty officially get back together in the season 2 finale but she. Luke broke up with Jenna as he felt that she still has a lot of growing up to do and. She's a lonely person who feels her gift in life is helping people.

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Happy Campers. Happier Trails Awkward. TV Review Awkward But she admits that she’s afraid he’ll bail if things get too “real”, just like how he avoided her after they first had sex. In its fourth season, Awkward. eased into the life of a standard hh school. write as she spent more time focused on dating and saving Matty from an. I wanted to see Jenna free herself from her indecision as the series ended, instead Matty does. Matty and Jenna were never the best part of Awkward.

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Season 3 Awkward Fandom powered by a And the situation grows ever more complicated throughout the episode. Lacey and Kevin are together again since the second season finale. In the season finale, Jenna goes to the prom alone, Matty with Bailey, Jake. The story, ed “What Are We Gonna Do About Jenny” is obviously copied from Jenna's life.

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Everything You Need to Know About 'Awkward.' Seasons 1 Ming and Henry join the , but even their presence can’t disguise the fact that Jenna and Jake continue to have a connection that can’t be broken. I'm courageous enough to say that pretty much sums up my life. Jenna The embodiment of all things Awkward. He's the unattainable “bad boy” even thought he never does anything bad. That way Jake will see that she ended things with Matty before dating Jake and they only hooked up.

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Asey Rickards – Hollywood Life Reminders of past dates during a game of Charades leads Tamara to confront Jenna about ruining the BFGFBFF with her in-jokes with Jake. She is best known for her role as Jenna on V's Awkward. El Clasico Miami Real Madrid Vs. Barcelona – Live Stream The Epic Match. Asey is dating musician Tom Cole, who is never too happy to see her making out. on a potential rekindled romance — but what does that mean for Matty's girlfriend, Eva.

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